About Me

Ashley Brehm....who is she? That's an amazing question, and I ask myself that very thing everyday. I'm an artist, a mother, a sister, friend, daughter, visionary... I'm a million different versions of myself, and I never know what kind of person I'm going to be on a day to day basis. But for me, I strive to be better than I was yesterday.

I'm an Oregon based photographer, born and raised. I fell in love with photography years ago, but never imagined myself eventually making a career of it. I always found myself seeing beauty in random things that most people wouldn't, and I think that's what makes my style of photography different from your run of the mill PNW photographer. My style is often classified as "Moody", which is fine with me, but I would honestly like to think that it's unlike anyone else. I strive to be different than other photographers. I want people to look at my work and be able to pick it out in a crowd. 

I wouldn't say that I specialize in any one category of photography. I try my best to dabble in all aspects of it, I don't want to find myself tied down to one specific area. Keeps my mind fresh being able to adapt to different situations, so if you're ever in the market to work with me, know that I'm willing to do basically anything. I can't guarantee I'll excel at it, but I always give it my best.


Ashley Brehm

Based in Bend/Portland, Oregon


1 (541) 848-9449