Home Is Wherever I am

It's been over a week now that I have been living in my trailer, and let me tell you, it's been pretty amazing. From traveling to see my friends and family, to meeting new people and having random adventures to the coast. It has no doubt changed my life already. 

I was guilty of living in the lap of luxury when it came to having the big house, the fancy cars, the nicest clothes, and wanting it all. What I didn't realize at the time was none of this is what truly makes a person happy. So often we conform to what it is society as a whole thinks is right. Owning a house, having kids, having the 9-5 job that we all loathe, thats what the American dream is, right? Wrong, well at least in my perspective. Don't get me wrong, some people build their happiness around owning the huge house, building a family and working the 9-5, but I have never been one of them. 

Even as a child I dreamt of visiting different places. I loved being outdoors, being one with nature. And clearly, not much has changed.  As much as I always wanted to do something like this, I'm not gonna lie, I was always a little nervous. Not having somewhere to call "Home", constantly wondering if you're going to be safe, where you're going to be, it's all a lot to take in. But I've quickly learned, thats half the adventure.  Home is wherever you are. 

Instead of spending my days sitting in front of the television being a couch potato, I have to be creative, and always on the move. Not having an ac in the summer definitely makes staying in one spot difficult. I don't really have the opportunity to just lounge around in my trailer and relax (It's too fucking hot) haha. But I'm also thankful for this. It has pushed me back into a good work out regime, forced me to be outside more often than before, and it has actually got me back on a normal sleeping pattern. Long gone are the late nights of laying awake binge watching mindless television, and welcome to waking up and making everyday a new adventure.