The Dark side of myself

Recently I have conducted a few interviews in which I've been asked some very intimate and vulnerable questions about my life, some of which I have no idea how to even put into words. 

How does an artist explain their muse in words? For me it's something that is extremely hard to explain. 

When someone asks me, "Why do you gravitate more towards the "Darker side", all I can say is,  "That is just what I'm drawn too." Personally, my art is my way of expressing myself and my inner demons.  I can't speak for all artists, but I know for me, that my work is a reflection of myself. I literally pour my soul into my work. My attitude is my muse. My life experiences are what drive me, and what forces me to create the work I do. If you pay close enough attention to it, you will be able to tell how I'm feeling when you see a photo of mine. And thats what I want people to take away from my photos, a feeling. I want you to look at my photos and feel the emotions that I'm feeling, whether its good or bad. 

Growing up, and even in my adulthood, I've always suffered from depression and anxiety. I used to use writing as an outlet for my emotions, and now I channel that into my photography. I try to create something beautiful out of my pain, to show people that even in all the darkness, something beautiful can come of it. To me, pain is your most valuable tool when it comes to creating art, at least in my eyes. We all suffer from some form of illness, and finding a way to use that and create something that inspires others is all that I could ask for. I can't begin to tell you how many people have emailed me telling me how much my work inspires them. Its unreal to me, to have that kind of impact on someone else's life... I can't even put into words how that makes me feel. 

For all of you who have followed my work, and continue to do so, I am forever grateful to you. I hope that by me writing this will help everyone better understand why I gravitate more towards the darker aspect of photography.